A Viable business is the one that can sustain its profitability and survive over a period of time. In other words, it’s a business that keeps growing because it makes steady profit.

You should change your business or work if it’s not a viable one and get a viable alternative. It is better to get a viable alternative than to be wasting your fleeting years, wallowing in poverty for a business that’s not thriving. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none. That definitely won’t help your case. Understand that, seeking a viable alternative is quite different from diversification.

Diversification takes care of lessening risk in business while a viable alternative is doing something more profitable; something capable of succeeding. There are certain signs in a business or work that make you realize you need a viable alternative. They are

  • The business is not growing or surviving.
  • The business is not yielding any profit.
  • It is producing an unbearable ennui; that is, you’re bored or lack enthusiasm for the business or work.
  • The business or work leaves you sad and despondent every time, instead of making you happy.
  • You can’t make ends meet from the work or business.
  • You’re in debt because you keep borrowing to sustain the business.
  • Everything about the business keeps deteriorating even when you have done what is humanly possible to make it thrive.
  • The business or work makes you constantly fearful, anxious or sick.
  • There is little or no demand for your services or products.

Please do Understand that this article was not intended to encouraging you to quit your Job or shut down your business at the slightest challenge you have. Every human endeavour, business or organization has its own trying moment, but you should be able to tell if your business is just having its moment, or it isn’t just viable.

How then do you start a viable alternative(business)?

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