As we drove up the steep, winding road in the cave of the winds near Colorado Springs, we came suddenly to a narrow passage way between high rocky walls through which it looked as the car could not possibly go. But facing us was a sign which said: “Yes, you can! Millions of others have!”  And so, driving carefully through, we soon came to a wider roadway. So many times we face seemingly insoluble problems and situations. But we can know that God is able to open ways before us which are now hidden from our view.

“Yes, You can! Millions of others have gone this way. Be of good cheer. Trust God and forge ahead!”

Booker T. Washington said, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome, while trying to succeed”. By taking two steps forward and one step back, we still continually move closer to the goal. . . failure, disappointments and setbacks are all necessary ingredients of life. . . people who accomplish great things believe they can do it.  When rear Admiral Du Point explained to his superior officer, Farragut, why he had failed to take his ships into Charleston Harbour, Farragut heard him through to the end and then said, “Admiral, there is one explanation which you could do it”. That lack of confidence has been the secret of failures, not only in the field of war but also in this greater warfare of the soul.

The late Dr. Werner Von Braun once asked what it would take for a man to reach the moon, and he replied, “The will to do it”. This answer holds good in nearly every field of human endeavor. In medicine, determination and persistence have paid off in spectacular breakthroughs in conquering diseases. In transportation the dream of travelling around the world in a matter of hours has become a reality because the will to do so was so strong.

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