When God created Mothers, He made two loving arms – To cradle us and shelter us from the world’s harm.

When God created Mothers, He made a pair of hands – To care for us and guide us through our choices and our plans.

When God created Mothers, He made the warmest heart – To understand and give our lives a happy, loving start.

Why God created Mothers, is not a mystery… He meant to share His love with us and did it perfectly.

This poem above (by an unknown author) entitled “Why God Created Mothers,” emphasizes the uniqueness and responsibilities of mothers. Children are gifts from God, so are mothers too! When a child is born, a mother is also born. God created mothers to nurture, nourish and cherish children, thereby, sharing His love with these children and the whole humanity through them. God truly loves and desires that little children turn out well in life; hence, as the old saying goes: “He created mothers because He wanted to show Himself to little children through them.”

Mothers are endowed with the capacity and inclination to nurture their offspring and most eminent personalities in the world have acknowledged their indebtedness to maternal influence. The world and the Church have benefited immensely and will continue to benefit much from the love, patience, zeal, and self-devotion of mothers in training their children to become great men and women of repute, because the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Sadly, however, mothers are fast losing their values and virtues in our modern world. In the rat race for success and position, they now pursue personal goals and aspirations to the detriment of their children’s interests, which should come first before theirs. Most children have become moral bankrupts because of unavailability of their mothers to instill in them the necessary training. The surge in the number of working class mothers with young children, more than anything, has created a gaping hole in the home. Instead of the usual material influence, the TV and the computer now babysit children.

Motherhood is exclusively God-given role to women. It is honourable and vital to make the home succeed and thrive. However, motherhood is not inbred – it must be learned. Cases of child abuse and abandoned children have shown that being a mother is more than just giving birth to a child, and that is something that needs to be learned or worked at. As a mother, you must learn to nourish and cherish your child in all aspects of life and at every stage of his development. Nourishing a child involves caring for sustaining, protecting, developing and training him, while cherishing him means loving him greatly!

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