Virtue is an accordance with moral principles; conformity of behavior or thought with the strictures of morality. It could also mean excellent morals, admirable character in an individual. Having virtues makes an individual standout from others. Specifically, each of the several qualities below is all important. Below are the virtues of excellence every individual should possess:

  • Peace – enough to pass all understanding.
  • Hope – enough to keep your heart looking forward.
  • Strength – enough to battle obstacles and overcome them.
  • Commitment – enough not to give up too soon.
  • Faith – enough to hold on even in times of complex situations.
  • Fun – enough to enjoy every aspect of life.
  • Patience – enough to let faith complete its work in you.
  • Love – enough to give to those who deserve it the least but need it the most.
  • Focus – enough to often say yes to good ideas.
  • Forgiveness – enough to never let the sun go down on your wrath.
  • Honesty – enough to never have to remember what you said.
  • Character – enough to do in the light what you do in the dark.
  • Gratitude – enough to say “thank you” for the small things.
  • Purpose – enough to know wiry and not just how.
  • Perseverance – enough to run the entire race that is set out before you.
  • Wisdom – enough to scale through every phase of life and also fear God.
  • Responsibility – enough to be the most dependable person you know.
  • Confidence – enough to assure others of a situation.
  • Kindness – enough to share what you have and who you are with others.
  • Mercy – enough to forgive and forget.
  • Devotion – enough to do the right things on a daily basis.
  • Courage – enough to face and fight any opposition to what you know is right.
  • Trust – enough to be relied on by others.
  • Expectancy – enough to be on the lookout for new possibilities every day.
  • Obedience – enough to do what is right without thinking twice.
  • Direction – enough to know when and where to go.
  • Knowledge – enough to have your mind continually renewed.
  • Credibility – enough to cause others to want to work together with you.
  • Generosity – enough to give before being asked.
  • Compassion – enough to be moved by the needs of others.
  • Loyalty – enough to be committed to others.

These virtues mentioned above, are unfortunately not possessed by many. But can be achieved through practice every day. After reading this article you’re advised to practice these aforementioned virtues to build good morals and stand out amongst others.


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