OVER PROTECTION and DOMINATION are two parental habits every parent must avoid in the course of child training.

#Habits One (1): OVER-PROTECTION

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines OVER PROTECTION as:

an undue or excessive protection or shielding; specifically : excessive restriction of a child’s behavior allegedly in the interest of his or her health and welfare by an anxious, insecure, or domineering parent.

Vocabulary.com went further to say,

Over protection comes from wanting to keep someone safe all the time, and it’s particularly common for a parent to overprotect a child. No mom or dad wants to see their child get hurt, but when they overprotect, they make it impossible for their son or daughter to take the risks that teach them important life lessons.

OVER PROTECTION makes children Self-Centered and Fearful; the Children learn to read their parent emotion and they grow up to lack this Confidence in themselves.

#Habits Two (2): DOMINATION

DOMINATION is referred to as:

the exercise of power or influence over someone or something; or the state of being so controlled.

Parents who often pounce upon every failure in the lives of their children ends up creating Hesitancy, Insecurity, and Fear in them.

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