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16.  Understand Divine Appointment and Placements.
You must understand your place in destiny and the implication of your existence before you can attain any great height in life. You are where you are today not by accident or mistake but it’s all part of God’s script. We were all created for a purpose, and the sooner we realize the implication for our existence, the better for us finding our place in destiny.

You can begin today by asking God:

Who Am I?

Why was I created?

The answer to above questions puts you a step closer to fulfillment of your purpose for existence.

17.   Develop Yourself
What you know so far has brought you to where you are currently; In other to leave where you are presently, you need to know more than what you know right now! Information remains the basis for promotion; Be Informed! Be a life-long learner! Refuse to graduate from the University of the Universe! Build capacity! Commit yourself to daily growth in all areas and you’ll see yourself making improvement.

Keep swimming; for not to run is to rot; not to fly is to fall; not to swim is to sink!


Continue to know until you are known for what you know!


Seek not to be known; Just determine to know and what you know will make you known.

18.   Stay Healthy
A Healthy body is a product of good nutrition and adequate exercise; a Sound mind is a product of information and wise reasoning and a Fervent spirit is a product of revelation, intercession and association with the Almighty.

19.   Refuse to be Distracted
Nothing threatens the devil than a focused life. Distraction is an enemy of distinction; it comes in the form of Opposition, Competitive and Jealousy; and such demands our attention. Don’t waste anytime of your life replying those that have no business with your life.

20.   Stay Focused

A divided focus equals divided energy and a divided energy equals divided destiny.

Your fire is at the mercy of your FOCUS. The intensity that you burn will be dependent on the strength of your fire. We need laser-beam focus and a bulldog tenacity to fulfill our destiny!

Until we decide to keep and act on these twenty (20) secrets to the Top, we may never make any significant improvement in life..


Life’s all about Decisions; and the summation of our Decisions determines our Destination!

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