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11.  Live Ready

You don’t wait for opportunities; you prepare for them.

Opportunities are like birds with wings; When they’re out of your grasp, they fly and you may never get hold of them anymore. Stay ready! Acquire every skills at your reach, build capacity and stay focused and alive. Opportunities will always come! When they come, Steal every moments!

12.  Be Diligent

The Higher you want to climb, the harder you will have to work!

The Holy books (the Bible) quotes:

Seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stands before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

It’s not about hard work all the time; Sometimes, it takes just a little diligence is necessary – a steady, earnest and energetic effort in the pursuit of anything worthwhile.

13.  Accept Responsibilities

Responsibility is the price for Greatness.

14.  Treasure Divine Guidance
We must come to understand that God is involved in the affairs of men; I refer to him as the G-factor; a Constant in everything success. He’s the Author and Creator of everything – the Giver of Success. We must include Him in everything we get involved with for want to get lasting success.

15.   Be the BEST!

To secure the favour of God, you must be the Best! The Plan of God for us is the Topmost Top!

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