Just as it is stated in the Holy book (the bible), “Children are precious gift from God”. They are God’s heritage, created with special unique abilities and limitless tendencies. They can be inquisitive and sensitive; they need adequate care and proper guidance from parent or guardian.

A well-trained child becomes a pride to his/her parent while an untrained child ends up a liability or ‘torn in the flesh‘ to his/her parent. It is what I’ll like to refer to as “Garbage in, Garbage out” process. A Child’s character is just a reflection of his/her parent’s. Though I sometime wonder why some kids get off track these days even after good care and up-bring by the parent and what actually went wrong in course of the lives of these children? Where did we missed it as parent and who is to be held accountable?

The truth is, what a child becomes has a lot to do with the child upbringing, the parents impact and the instilled values in these children. Most parent often think that kids these days simply are not as disciplined and respectful like they were as parent years gone by. It’s not true! The fact is, children are born with an innate nature such that, if you don’t tame those nature, they’re likely to end up going wild. You probably may have even noticed some changes in your own child’s behaviour and even wondered what the problem was and where actually you got it all wrong?

The Holy Books (the bible) quotes in the book of Psalms:

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he shall not depart from it.”

In essence, show me a child without character and I’ll show you parents who have failed in their duties. Show me a child who is a vagabond and with no respect for the lives of others and I’ll show you parents who have failed in their responsibilities to their children. The question now comes to mind: as parents, what can we do to inculcate real values to our children and prevent them from becoming wayward?

Before we get too analytical about our children’s behaviour, we have to take a quick peek at our own lifestyle. Let’s ask ourselves these few questions:

  • Do we spend quality time with our children?
  • Do we work too much?
  • How often are we at home?
  • When was the last time we were engaged with our children?
  • How many times have we engaged our children this week?

One thing we must put to mind in times of stress is our children need of us and that is what we must not deprived them off; more than ever therefore, we must try as much as we can to keep a steady connection with them. Core values must be installed in our children that will make them become useful to us, parent, to the society and the world at large. These values are:

  1. LOVE – Instilling in our children the quality of considering the interest of others before themselves; an agape and true love expressed from deep within towards their colleagues, neigbours and friends.

  2. RIGHTEOUSNESS – inculcating in them the quality of living right; doing what is right and not just what they want; disengaging from every form of evil (known or unknown) and making sure they live a life of sobriety and truthfulness.

  3. FORGIVENESS – Reminding them of the need to forgive those who trespass against them; this is one virtue that must be reflected from life of a well brought up child. It gives the child a sense of pride.

  4. EMPATHY – Empathy in a child brings about a child’s understanding of the feeling of others and identifying with the needs of others around him.

  5. SACRIFICE – Teaching them of the need to be Sacrificial; putting others first and giving up something valuable for the sake or interest of others and not just for themselves.

  6. LOYALTY – Loyalty, a feeling of duty and devotion is a quality that plays a significant role in the life of a child in relation to the child’s environment and the child’s relationship with the outside world.

It is therefore important as parent to understand that half the battle of winning our kids over and helping them progress through life is our major responsibility. These children need to see our strengths, our weaknesses and how we handle different situations. Children are smart and inquisitive; their eyes are always on us, and it is up to us as parents to guide them until they are able to do so themselves. As parent, it is our essential duty to educate our kids on how to make good choices in their lives.

We should be engaged with our children in activities that brings about their increased analytical reasoning and skills buildup. engaging them in these activities gives our children a sense of what they can do and the time we spend with them gives them a sense of who they are. Instead of worrying about how many minutes we get to spend with our children each day, we must rather focus on turning those precious minutes into memorable moments; moments that will leave lasting significant prints in the lives of our children and helps create a bond between them and us, as parent. Remember,

Children are leaders of tomorrow; we must not relent in our quest to training our children, maing sure they are groomed into useful entities and teach them to be God-fearing and kind.

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