It is one thing to know a viable business, thriving in t is quite another thing. So, to be successful and stand out in your business, you will need to do the following:

  • Be connected to God: Through prayers, you can connect to God and commit your business into his hands for success.
  • Be Empowered: you need empowerment to make your way to greatness. Empowerment majorly comes from formal education and skill acquisition. In addition to formal education, you can enrol for a short term vocational training or be an apprentice to an entrepreneur in your line of business to develop yourself in your work or business. Don’t also rule out in-house training.
  • Be Diligent: Lack of diligence on the part of workers or entrepreneurs kill their promising careers or make their thriving businesses collapse. No work or business ever thrived without diligence. Hard work is the bedrock of a successful career or business. It doesn’t kill, but indolence does, because it improvises its victims, plunges them into debt, and terminates their lives through hunger, shame or even heart attack.
  • Be Creative: Creativity is your ability to think outside the box, and surpass traditional methods, ideas and patterns by creating meaningful new ideas, methods and ways of doing a business and making the business thrive. Creativity makes you innovative, doing something new, or rebranding a product or service. Creativity makes you stand tall from your competitors.
  • Be a Good Time Manager: John Hampton said, “Time is limited but money is not. Keep time in mind and prioritize what’s important in your life”. For your business to thrive, you must respect time. Don’t go late to business appointments, and don’t allow anyone to waste your time. You’ll never be successful in your business if you’re not a good time manager.
  • Be Disciplined in spending: Money management is what you need to keep your business thriving. You must be wise in handling money. It’s good to contribute to the upkeep of the family as a businessperson, but be wise about it. Have a good financial plan. Always work with a budget and don’t be frivolous in spending.
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