Children, by their very nature (especially, at their tender age) are unique, innocent, teachable, inquisitive, relatively smart and observant. They watch, observe and learn from their parents. Apart from the traits (gene) our children inherit from us, our children also adopt characters they see in us, as parents. That is why, parents must be very careful in their comportment before their children.

You come across some children and youths these days who go about displaying some indecent, immoral and rude behaviours and you wonder where the problem actually came from? Of course, as it is commonly said:

Charity begins at home.” I say, “Waywardness begins at home” too.

Many parents have failed in their responsibility because they don’t know what parenting entails. “Your children will become what you raised them to become in life.” If you fail to restrain your children from doing evil or being wayward especially when they are young and tender, they grow up to be threats to us, threats to the society and to the world at large. Some reasons for the barefaced act of carelessness among parents in giving their children moral and godly training includes:

  1. Lack of Self-discipline

Self – discipline is one of the most important requirements for achieving success in the child training process. As a parent, you must be personally disciplined before you can ensure your children are. Your character translates into the lives of your children; in fact, children are a reflection of their parent. You must show personal commitment in applying wisdom in the training of your children. Don’t wait for any convenient time to present itself because such time may never come.

  1. Failure to discipline Children

Most parents are weary of disciplining their children. They just nag, scold or give a weak rebuke, which never deter the children because they know daddy or mummy won’t make good their threats. Some are weak, to put mildly. They cannot bear to reprimand, restrain, or punish their erring children because they are afraid of how they would react to correction. In their ignorance, they even call their weakness and cowardice, love. This isn’t love! This isn’t kindness either! If you truly love your kids, you will do everything, including chastening them when they do wrong, in order to keep them on the right path and save their souls. God, the greatest parent, says,

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten…

Some parents even give up on their children altogether. Never you give up on your children and never dare to defer their discipline to a later time because that time might be too late to reform them.

  1. Laziness

No great thing has ever been achieved through laziness. Unfortunately, this has been the undoing of so many parents. Lazy parents do not create time to study, which in so doing, they’ll learn what it means to raise their children godly children. Laziness also make parents delay instructing and disciplining their children when they err because it seems to them as a difficult task and they want to avoid physical or emotional exertion. Well, as parent, we must create time for studying if we want to see our children grow up to be god-fearing, useful (to us), great men and women in the society, who will take charge and transform their world.

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