Merriam Webster Dictionary defines parenting as the process of taking care of children until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Parenting is one major responsibility challenge of many parent today. The challenge of parenting in this twenty-first century is, most parents finds no time to spend with the children no more; they leave the responsibility of parenting at the hands of the nanny; we finds ourselves in a world where the wife, who is solely suppose to oversee the children, and the husband who is the bread winner, working round the clock and scarcely available for these children. I therefore list out below, the three (3) parental stages in children and their implications:

The Teacher
At the early stage of a child, it is absolutely normal to see some funny childish display which are peculiar to children. At this stage, between the age of one (1) to age seven (7), the stage before “the age of accountability“,  the child cannot be held responsible for any of her actions; The child at this stage is incapable of deciding for herself what she wants, the parent therefore cares for the child, makes decisions they feel right for the child, provide the child with her basic needs and put to consideration some of her desires and choices. The parent “Will” at this stage, prevails over the child’s “Desires“; We must be careful of what we say and display before them as parents who desires the good of our children.


The Coach
As the child keeps growing up to the age of eight (15), she’s referred to as a teenager; the children explores and comes into “Self-discovery”; she becomes aware of herself, her environments, and realize her inert basic skills and abilities. At this point, the parental control is minimal; the child equally begins to grow “wild“, fragile and easily influenced. Some attained  some level of maturity while others don’t; these choices she’ll always live to regret thereafter;parents must endeavour to coach, teach and expose the child to all she’ll need be equipped with so as to go through life successfully.

The Consultant
At age twenty (20), the child now grow into an adolescent; a period where she develops into an adult; a period where childish display and youthful exuberance  is now shade off little by little. She has now come to a point where she is so aware of her environment, have a brief picture/direction of what she wants out of life and decide a course to follow. The parent here serves as The Consultant to the child, counselling and giving professional advice to the child.

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