The Basic need of man are: LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE.

CHARITY (Love) is the greatest of all virtue; It’s a virtue on which the foundation of the whole world rests on. So many people see love as a vulnerability; It makes them look weak. In fact, someone puts it this way:

To Trust, to Love, to Open ourselves to emotional communication with other people is to run the risk of being hurt. If we are hurt, we can do two things:


  • Build a thick protective shell or scar tissue to prevent being hurt again or we can
  • Turn the other cheek, remain vulnerable and go on living creatively.

To be Creative or to live Creatively, we must be willing to be a little Vulnerable; We must be willing to be hurt a little, if necessary, in creative living.

The Most devastating blow one human being can inflict upon another is Disapproval. The more a person loves us, the more important it is for us to seek some areas in his/her life where we can show our Approval (acceptance).

UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE are all consequences of LOVE. Where there is Love, you don’t have to beg for Acceptance or have any form Misunderstanding; That does not in any way rules out misunderstanding which may surface once in a while in any human relationship; frictions is bound to exist if two or more people must coexist.

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