The Place of God for Man is the Topmost Top; a place of distinction and not frustration.

Looking from where you are right now, Will the boy you were be proud of the man you’ve are?

Life is all about advancements, growth, success, and breakthroughs. In fact, No one can predict to what height you can soar until you flap your wings; For every success, there are secrets; for every success, there are strategies; for every provision, there are conditions. So, I bring to you thirty-two (32) secrets to get the top which if applied, catapults you to any heights you so envision to attain.

  1.   Have a Vision or a Dream

The Holy books (the Bible) quotes:

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Vision” as the ability to see something that you imagine; a picture that you see in your mind. It also captures “Dream” as an idea or vision that is created in your imagination, that is unreal; an ideal or goal which one aspires.

Dream has a lot to do with you having a Goal; a direction in life. Every great accomplishment or invention ever created took off from the “mind”. The Mind is very powerful. Someone put is this way:

Shoot for the Moon; even if you miss, you will land in the stars.

  1.  Be Different!

We don’t make difference until we are different! In fact, You and I don’t see things the way they are; we see things the way we are. We don’t have to follow the crowd even when we’re the only one left to decide. Follow your mind! Maintain a life of difference and never any influence your life choices negatively.

  1.  Avoid Jealousy

What we don’t celebrate, we will never attract!

Celebrate success in the life of others rather than be jealous; Life operates like a Time Zone. Because Kenya is two hours ahead of Nigeria does not necessarily mean that Nigeria is slow and neither does it mean Kenya is faster either. Someone graduated at 24, yet waited 5 years before securing a Job; and another graduated at the age 29 and secured employment thereafter. Someone got married and waited 10 years before having a child; but another had baby within one year after marriage. It’s all about Time Zone! We don’t have to be jealous over another’s success.

  1.  Maintain His presence – The God factor.

Every address is good if God is there.

Recognizing the presence of God in whatever we are doing is necessary. God is the author and creator of all things ever created and He remains ultimate Giver of Success and every good thing. The things of the earth may satisfy a home in hour of prosperity; but only the Peace of God can give gladness in times of adversity.

  1.  Maintain Character

Until your character is adjusted, your destiny remains Unestablished!

John Mason made it clear in his book: “Talent is never enough” that Character is the sum total of all our choices. Lack of Character remains the greatest threat to our talent or acquired skill. Character protects our talent. He further made known the four (4) elements of character:

  •   Self-discipline
  •   Core Values
  •   Sense of Identity
  •   Integrity

Character also communicates: Consistency, Choices, Influence, and Longevity.

You may find your way to the top, but only character that can sustain you there. Character shows that who you are and who you appear to be are one and the same, and that is the first key to greatness.


Look out for the Second part of Thirty-two (32) Secrets to get to the Top.

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