From the book, “Talent is never enough” by John Maxwell, he underscores thirteen traits that makes your talent enough and complete.

Too many times, TALENT is often overrated and frequently misunderstood; In fact, when people achieve great things, others often explain their accomplishments by simply attributing everything to TALENT.

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Peter Drucker quotes:

There seems to be little correlation between a man’s effectiveness and his intelligence, his imagination or his knowledge… Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge are essential resources but a set limits to what can be contained.

If Talent alone was enough, then why do you and I know highly talented people who are NOT highly successful?

Here are thirteen (13) Traits that makes your TALENT complete, as stated by John Maxwell:

  1. ¬†BELIEF “Lifts” your Talent

  2. PASSION “Energizes” your Talent

  3. INITIATIVE “Activates” your Talent

  4. FOCUS “Directs” your Talent

  5. PREPARATION “Positions” your Talent

  6. PRACTICE “Sharpens” your Talent

  7. PERSEVERANCE “Sustains” your Talent

  8. COURAGE “Tests” your Talent

  9. TEACHABILITY “Expands” your Talent

  10. CHARACTER “Protects” your Talent

  11. RELATIONSHIPS “Influences” your Talent

  12. RESPONSIBILITY “Strengthens” your Talent

  13. TEAMWORK “Multiplies” your Talent

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