God created the woman a unique being, different from the man. In the past, femininity was defined by a woman’s appealing looks, her clothing, hairdo, makeup, other girlie behaviours about her and of course, her sexuality. But all these do not sufficiently define femininity, for a gay person, who exhibit certain girlie traits would equally regard himself as feminine.

A woman’s femininity is rather defined by those qualities which are uniquely hers – her gentleness, shamefacedness, soft-heartedness, nurture nature, sharp sensibility (the sixth sense), an inner confidence and a sense of self-worth, among other great qualities.

However, because of the so-called advancement in knowledge today, many women have come to equate femininity with weakness; hence, the word has become unpopular. According to Elisabeth Elliot,

“The word femininity is one that we don’t hear very often anymore. We’ve heard the word feminist quite often in the last couple of decades, but we haven’t really heard much about the deep mystery that is called femininity. The word has fallen on hard times, partly because of stereotypes as opposed to archetypes.”

Femininity is from God, and a mystery that surpasses human comprehension. It does not suggest fecklessness, frivolity, flouncy, flippancy or frailty; rather, it speak graciousness, gorgeousness, godliness, gentleness and generosity.

Elisabeth Elliot again said,

“…women, have the gift of femininity. Very often, it is obscured, just as the image of God is obscured in all of us….I find myself in the sometimes quite uncomfortable position of having to hold up examples of femininity of women who almost feel apologetic for being womanly. I would remind you that femininity is not a curse. It is not even a triviality. It is a gift, a divine gift, to be accepted with both hands, and to thank God for. Because remember, it was His idea…”

Therefore, a woman is said to be distinctively feminine who embodies and put to profitable use, the strength that is so graciously bestowed on her. She is the greatest mum there is, the best wife any godly man would desire, the most amazing colleague, the model boss and executive, the sweetest neigbour any could wish for, the always available helper to the needy, the most patient and adorable teacher there is and of course, the gentlest, noblest and strongest soul who is a model to all the the envy of many. She is that woman who knows that she is made in the express image of God to fulfill a specific purpose.

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