The Lion is not the smartest or the biggest in the Jungle; But what differentiate it from others is their ATTITUDE or MENTALITY. He thinks he is IN-CHARGE and he acts that way and the Elephants flees.

Our Attitude towards Life is as important as our Lives; Our feelings affects our Actions. The Holy Book (Bible) says:

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is He.

It’s what “You” say and not what “They” say that matters. What we “Speak” reflects what we “Think”.

Life Processes:


Our Thoughts  ->  Inner Motivation  ->  Self Image  -> Self Confidence  ->  Faith   ->  Decision  ->  Self Image  ->  Action  ->   Habits   ->  Success

Our thinking forms our Attitude and Our Attitude determines our Altitude.


A befitting action for a cause is the sole purpose of life.

Success in life is about the people you attracts; good attitude attracts! You are who you surrounds yourself with. In fact, Life is the summation of different people in our lives.

Think on Good things until your attitude is reformed!

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