An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” This is a very old adage; but have you considered it closely? The human mind is a powerful mechanism. God created it such a way that it must continually be active and engaged. It simply cannot be a vacuum. It is either conceiving some great thoughts and ideas or contriving some evil intention and purposes. Yet, what goes on in the mind matters a lot because the mind is the bedrock of all activities. Out of it proceed “issues of life”. It controls human actions and dictates their reactions. Thus, if someone’s mind dwells on evil thoughts, their deeds will most definitely be evil and vice versa.

The human mind if not kept busy with things that are positive will definitely get involved in something negative. Since the mind is designed to be consistently at work, failure to keep it profitably engaged will make it an open place for the devil to dwell and operate freely. Below are things that most certainly occur when the mind is not engaged in productive ventures.

  1. Boredom

This is perhaps the commonest affliction of an idle mind. The man or woman whose mind is devoid of creative thoughts and imaginations will certainly become a victim of boredom. And with boredom comes the urge for mischief. Boredom, as someone has rightly observed, “is the breeding ground for wickedness. Bored people are easy targets of the flesh and the devil. It is like putting a bull’s-eye on your chest with a sign: “Tempt me. I’m easy” Why? Because boredom is contrary to the natural, God-given impulse for fascination…

  1. Gossip

And idle mind will certainly give room for meddling in other people’s affair. Sadly, this vice has become so common that it now seem like a virtue! Need I tell you what gossip is about? It is when you gather as a family or a group of friends and discuss other people’s issue – things that do not concern you, things that you dare not say in the presence of the individual(s) concerned.

  1. Talkativeness

When an individual’s mind is not positively and profitably occupied, he or she is very much prone to talking indiscriminately; talking without thinking of possible repercussion.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a constant companion of the idle mind. It feeds on it and often reduces it to a hideout for worries and fears. Since the idle mind is like the devil’s tennis-ball, tossed around by him at his pleasure, one cannot be surprised to find idle people full of miseries, murmuring and complaints.

  1. Stagnancy

No one can make real progress with an idle mind. Change, growth and progress come from having a mind that is constantly renewed. Productivity and innovation comes from creative and purposeful thinking.

Idle mind also goes hand in hand with lazy attitude to life. And this often triggers a number of health disorders including obesity and nervous breakdown; hence the need to consciously avoid it.

Make a conscious decision today and resolve to live a purposeful and productive life. Keep your mind active with the right thoughts and your hands busy making a living for yourself – carefully, watchfully, with hardworking and thoughtfulness.

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