After treating the topic: The Good Mother-in-Law’s Demeanour, I thought it wise addressing the Daughter-in-laws too.

“Relationship with in-laws is meant to be on the basis of love, which is the foundation on which the marriage union was founded in the first place.”

The wise man has this to say to every daughter-in-law who intends to have a successful marriage and a happy home, “Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” A wise woman must realise that God has given her a home which she must protect from disintegrating at all cost. Therefore, she needs to display a lot of wisdom, selflessness, sacrificial love, patience, endurance, coupled with fervent prayers to win her in-laws. A shortcoming in this area is very likely to affect her marriage negatively. She needs to cultivate and develop a winsome attitude that will endear her to her in-laws. This can be attained in the following ways:

  1. Let the Golden Rule – “Do unto others what you want others to do to you.”  be your modus operandi.
  2. Don’t be touchy, abusive, or arrogant towards your in-laws. Be respectful and courteous to them.
  3. Don’t pre-empt trouble or prepare for war with your in-laws. Don’t see your mother-in-laws, especially as a rival or competitor.
  4. Don’t set your husband against the members of his family, but warn him with wisdom against impending danger.
  5. Always remember that you’ll reap what you sow. Let this saying be your wisdom, and let it guide your thoughts, words, actions, responses and dispositions towards your in-laws.
  6. See your in-laws as your parent and family, treat them as your world treat your own family members. Never treat them with contempt, no matter their spiritual or social status.
  7. Be a good manager of your family’s resources no matter how meagre your earnings, and ensure that your in-laws are beneficiaries from time to time.
  8. Nobody likes a proud daughter-in-law, so be humble in your words and disposition.
  9. Compliment your husband by being a true helpmate. Even if he is unfriendly or unaccommodating to his parents and relatives, cover up his shortcomings by reaching out to them on his behalf.
  10. Display a cheerful disposition. Always wear a happy look, no matter the situation. A cheerful, happy disposition wins you admiration from all who visits your home.
  11. Warmly welcome your in-laws to your home, and operate an open-house policy!
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