It is the prayer of every woman to live long enough to see her children marry give her grandchildren. When, therefore, God in His mercies grants your this privilege, you must ensure you don’t misuse it. Mind you, there are many mothers who labour harder than you do right now, but don’t have such opportunities. If your children married, God expects you to relate well with your interactions with them.

1. Be guided by the Golden Rule – “Do unto others what you want others to do to you.”

If human relationships are guided by the Golden Rule, the world will be a better place and our homes a haven. Don’t ill-treat your daughter-in-law. If your daughter-in-law maltreated you, don’t take it out on her. Treat her the way you would have loved to be treated or want your daughters to be treated by their mothers-in-law.

2.  Embrace and treat your sons and daughters-in-law as if they were your biological children.

3.  Remember everyone reaps what they sow. So, if you want your children to enjoy peace and harmony in their homes, don’t sow discord between your children and their spouses.

4.  Choose to love your sons and daughters-in-law. Love is a choice.

5.  Appreciate whatever they give you. No matter how small, receive it with joy and bless them. This will encourage them to do more.

6.  Be considerate of their welfare. Don’t make unnecessary demands from them. Don’t be a burden to them. Remember, they have lots of responsibilities to shoulder as a family.

7.  Visit them when necessarily, but let them know in advance, or let it be on invitation. Don’t visit them empty-handed while expecting to return “loaded.” No matter how little, give them something when you visit them.

8.  If there is delay in child-bearing, don’t accuse your daughter-in-law of being responsible. God is the one that gives children. So always pray and with your son.

When you inter-relate with your in-laws in the spirit of love and respect, all parties will always be delighted, filled with great Joy around the home. Everybody will peaceful coexist and live in harmony. Hence, there won’t be frictions, worries and anxieties. Having a wonderful homes makes your relationship to be a thing that others will want to emulate.

Love is the cornerstone of all human relationships, so relate with your in-laws in love!

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