Someone once said:

On your last day on earth, the person you become will be the person you couldn’t become.”

Realistically, this is what most people who dreamed big and never get to achieve their dreams of becoming successful experience. You discover some individuals who just live their lives with ease and less stress and do whatsoever they feel convenient doing – year in, year out; month after month, weeks after weeks, days counting… only to blink their eyes and discover that it’s already 40 or 50 years and they then begin to wonder within themselves of how they got to where they are now and where all the dreams they once had disappeared to.

After these year of chasing after what they felt they loved and never really bothered to sit down and find out what exactly was the implication for their existence and the very purpose why they were created. Why they never got to fulfill their beautiful dreams after the many years of labour, struggle and experiences. To what end, then?

What happened to all those dreams?

Is there more to life than just the normal routine activities we get involved with around us?

Is life only about being happy or about being great?

Is there something of unique within us?

Is there something of value called “Impact” we were created to effect in the world?

Wherever and whatever stage you are at the moment, it’s never too late. You can still re-trace your steps back and redefine your life into that perfect picture and dreams you once conceived year back. First of all, you begin by asking yourself this simple question:

What is most important to you in life?

What is the implication of my existence?

If you truly have that dream of becoming the person you were created to be, with just these four simple areas/ingredients in the pyramid below, you will be most fulfilled.


Beginning at the bottom of the pyramid, we have, Presence. “Presence” here refers to having: having peace of mind, living in the present moments and feeling completely alive. It is the single most important thing because, it makes everything about your life easier. You’re filled with joy within yourself and you feel a centered with an intriguing sense of  joy and fulfillment; When you have presence, you live in the present moment (and not in the past) and you feel completely alive; Come to think of a Diva or a professional music artist on stage in a performance; as they sing in beautiful ranges and styles, you experience this quality they all possess called “Stage Presence” – their voices gets to the point where the entire room becomes saturated; that is the true exemplified essence of presence in an individual’s life. It makes you have better health and consequently make better decisions.


The next piece of the pyramid is Health; it is commonly said: “Your health is your wealth”. We have a responsibility maximizing our body’s health and energy and keeping our body in good shape. Think about someone with a hundred billionaire dollars who is about to die; don’t you think he will trade it all for ten more years of life if he has an opportunity to? That tells you the place of health. Without health, nothings else in life really matters. We need a high energy to pursue everything else that we want. Good health gives you energy to pursue your calling and connect with people you want more in touch with your intuition and follow your calling.


Do you have a Job, Career or a Calling?

People with a Job see work as it is a chore and people with Careers work to advance/succeed but people with Calling see work as an end in itself. They feel and contribute to the greater good because it gives them meaning and purpose. The real measure of career success is working on something you believe in and something that will contribute to others and in the process, you make money in return.


At the top of the pyramid is “Relationships”. Relationship makes being human fulfilling; nothing really matters if you have no one to share it with. On you path to fulfilling that calling, you get to meet the people that you really connect with and contribute the most to your life; people you’ll want to build relationship with. Relationships are great! meeting people while on your path to greatness who contribute to the overall calling of your life. So, have a deeper relationship with people that affects your life positively; deeper connection with good friends that you admire and trust.

“You are the average of the five (5) people you spend your time mostly with.”

When you have Presence, you possess better Health; you make better decisions and you are more in-touch with your intuition; you follow your Calling and have deeper Relationships.

I’ll then ask, what are your priorities in life???

Can you say you on a path to a fulfilling life?

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