In our previous article, ‘6 Preventive Measures for Every Child’s Health’ we talked about ways to prevent illnesses and diseases in children, it’s also very important to sound a note of warning to parents that neglecting their children’s health or not taking the health precautions have dire consequences. A parent neglecting their child’s health leads to serious illness like coronary artery. It can also cause complications such as brain malfunction, heart disease, liver problem, obesity, kidney disease, cancer, digestive problem, as well as mental and emotional health problems. Aside from your child being bedridden, you may spend your life’s savings on hospital bills. The illnesses mentioned above are expensive to treat. They’re definitely expensive than providing balanced diets for the children. This is why preventing them from contracting a disease is cheaper than curing it.

Also, remember that health is wealth. Wealth is not measured just by money. It is a combination of having enough money for one’s needs, the ability to enjoy that money, be an active contributor to society and lead a happy, fulfilling and successful life. Your children’s performance in school and successes outside of or after school hinges on their being in good health. So if you don’t give them good health care, you may be mortgaging their future. Moreover, when your children are sick, you’re at a risk of contracting the sickness yourself because of being in direct, regular contact with them. Not just that, the stress of taking care of them can take its toll on your health. Finally, ill health can lead to a child’s premature death if not prevented. So take precautions and put your children’s health in safety by following these aforementioned preventive measures and also praying to God for them.


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