They say,

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

I say,

“All work and no play never made me a good professional!”

This is quite a twist of the former, but it holds very true nature of the life of most professionals today. Winners never stop! The luxury for play is such that they cannot afford; the never-ending work hours, the ever-increasing work-load, the relentless incoming calls, the little or no existence of a social life are all major factors why professionals usually burns out at their tender stage of the career.

As long as you’re working, juggling the demands of your Career and Personal Life will definitely such a challenge. The question then comes to mind is:

Is it possible to balance My Career Success and My Happiness?

Here are three (3) Ways you can create a balance between the two: Career Success VS Happiness:

  1.   Maintain a TO-DO List

If you commence the day work by outlining task of the day you have to accomplish, it goes a long way to help you prioritize and as well, accomplish time-consuming tasks on your schedule. Too many times, we overwork ourselves without a slight moment of rest just to accomplish huge tasks. That can be draining! Taking a small break or even a brief nap before moving on to the next big task on your to-do-list goes a long way as to increasing your efficiency. Late hours in office doesn’t necessarily denote hard-work; it’s an indication of low efficiency.


  1.   Strike a balance

Having to be Successful and Happy at the same time entails maintaining equilibrium in all aspects of life – Work, Family, Friends and most importantly, Yourself. It’s all about you prioritizing your work. While work is important, you should not let it encroach into your personal time. After leaving the office, try not to engage in any business activity anymore.  Make a conscious decision to separate work time from personal time. Show the same amount of dedication towards quality time with family and friends as you would do at work. This makes it refreshing and relaxing – giving you a new fresh perspective for the next day.


  1. Find your calling

Work might be your hobby; but what about that interest that you’ve always wanted to chase in your school/college days? That activity you want to pursue over weekend?

Pursuing other hobby or interest outside business is a sure way to avoid and unwind yourself from unnecessary stress. Always have something to look forward to over weekends. As you move up your career ladder, always stay connected to the real world. One way of doing this is by attaching yourself to a social cause that is close to your heart. Make your weekends productive and meaningful by dedicating time to volunteering for a specific cause.

When you are already loaded with work and battling to tidy up, it wouldn’t be out of place to re-assess your current tasks before accepting a new one. If the new task is of a higher priority, see what you can put on the back-burner and inform your team about it. Agreeing to take up additional workload out of guilt or a false sense of obligation will leave you with little time for self-nourishment and may even go as far as affecting the quality of your work.

4.  Time away from business

Nothing refreshes the heart, body and soul like a little time off from work and getting away from the never-ending hustle of life. While long vacations are mostly annual affairs, plan weekend getaways more often with family and friends. During this time away, switch-off from work completely. Maintaining a healthy living entails conscious effort as your personal and professional interests change. Periodically exam your priorities and make necessary changes to make sure you are in charge. Stay alive! Stay healthy!

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