I once had a friend who was in love with a girl. He had that disdain character which she didn’t like. Each time he got her offended, he’ll never apologize verbally but will rather go get her some specials likes clothing from a boutique or delicacies from an eatery and bring to her without saying a word. To him, buying her costly items would suffice for the offence he had committed. He felt it was all about the costly apparel and the awesome delicacies that matters. Actually, relationship isn’t all about the money. It’s actually in the little things we do, the lovely word we say (that we think doesn’t count) in a relationship – that thoughtful gift, that lovely phone call or even a sweet surprise – that make them sweeter and stronger. Everybody’s looking for something – that closure that makes them complete, that special someone, that deepest friendship, that cherished love…

Grooming Relationship takes time. It is about two imperfect individuals coming together to share a common goal, dreams, desires, time, etc. Someone once said:

“A meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect… It’s about being real, being humble, being able to share our lives and touch the lives of others. It is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.”

Are there things you can see in a relationship as a lady that will give you as signal or an assurance that he is into you or that he is deeply in love with you? They may be little things but these are things that counts for a lasting relationship.


For relationships where the both individuals are caught up with busy schedules without anytime or space to even breathe; this is the most challenging part of a relationship. It takes a conscious effort to keep the lines open. If just when you were least expecting it, he sends you an SMS asking you to take ten minutes off and have lunch with him, or simply want to hear your voice or tell you how much he’s missing you! It can make your day so awesome like nothing else can. It goes a long way to compensate for the lost hours by reason of the busy work life. If a guy can spare some minutes out of his busy schedule and sends you surprising SMS like:

“Hey darling, how was your day… I just thought of saying Hi… Sweet dreams”

It’s therefore a good sign that he is in love with you. It is far above normal and entails some extra efforts. It’s all about value. If he values you to the point of sparing some little time just to check up on you, you should be sure that he means what he says when told you he LOVED YOU.


You had not spent quality time with your boyfriend in a while and have probably been thinking of dropping by his office/home sometime soon to share some time together and just as you were coming out of your office with these thoughts, you find a scrap of paper flapping against your windshield and discover that he left you a sweet love note! Regardless of what’s written in it, these are signs that make you sure that he is into you. Great surprises like love letter like these can sweep you off your feet and bring life into your relationship


Imagine when he wakes up very early in the morning and before he moves out for work, he comes to the bed and gives you a mild peck – so romantic! Or at the close of the day, at night, he gives you a calming peck before he goes to bed – so adoring! These are good signs – signs that he loves you.


You didn’t know this, but got to find out when you come over to his place. Just when you thought you had landed an utterly unromantic boyfriend, you saw yourself fade in and fade out on his screen! How awesome and lovely! These are what great relationships are made of, breathtaking moments of your relationship that makes it even much more special!


Come to think of it; you both have been extremely busy with work; time at this point becomes of the essence and by reason of the tight schedule you both face even on the weekend. It just happens that you haven’t had the time to call each other. But just late into the night, he buzzes in just to ask about you day, sharing in your daily experiences, listening to you narrate the script of your day and bid you goodnight at the end, this is what wouldn’t stop smile from your face till the next morning! It’s a good sign, Ladies that he is into you.


Of course, Him sending flowers on your birthday is quite normal and very-much expected and though surprising if he didn’t! Well, but Just when you never expected considering his long work hours and he just spare some minutes from his lunch break and send a bunch of your favourite pink flowers to the office one day, that’s the kind of surprise that would make you want to fall in Love with him over and over him. It’s not about the weight of the action but just that little expression of value, love and care makes the difference.

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