Love is a beautiful thing. In fact, when it comes to love, it is really hard to put into words. It is the coming together of two diverse and imperfect individuals refusing to give up on each other; sharing together a similar life in the bond of love. Love is the foundation for marriage and equally a necessary and sustaining ingredient for a healthy relationship.

Love finds expression in placing your other partner’s happiness or interest much more important than yours. While we can recognize the emotions attached with love, finding the right words to put together its meaning or explain the deepest feeling we nurse in the inside of us for someone is pretty tough. In fact this days, the phrase “I love you” is often underrated and probably striped off its intended meaning. While many have searched out for countless centuries as to finding the right way to say “I love you”, little unexpected gestures we apply can bring unparalleled joy to our loved ones and also add so much meaning to those three little words. Love finds expressions in these seven (7) ways:


 Every relationship falls into a pattern, sooner or later — be it the woman who does the shopping and the man who stocks it in the refrigerator; the mother who cooks meal after meal every day, and the kids who gobble it all up; the dutiful daughter-in-law who does all the chores while the in-laws watch TV; it’s all about the cooperation that exist among couples. The woman must not always do the cooking; sometimes, the man can surprise her when he has the chance by cooking or doing some house chores in a way of helping his lady, who may be either pregnant or ill. If you’re in a similar situation, it’s time for a winds of change. Reverse the roles and work your way towards having a more balanced relationship … slowly but carefully and steadily.


It’s normal to touch your close one; a plain simple touch without any nursed ulterior motive or intention; a warm hug, an encouraging pat on the back, an affectionate peck on the cheek, a comforting arm around the shoulder… Yet, when was the last time you hugged your parents or best friend? Of course, before you shower or express the gesture, do keep in mind that it’s more easily done in certain cultures than others. And a lot depends on dynamics of the interpersonal relationship in question. But these gestures go a long way as to expressing your in-depth love to your friend, partner or parent. Just as it’s commonly said:

“Action speaks louder than words”

Saying “I love you” is nice and definitely romantic. But getting physical in a relationship is much more effective to show affection – a goodnight peck on her cheek before she goes to bed, a soft pat on her back when she does something commendable, a warm hug when she doesn’t really expect any, placing your arms around her neck or holding her hands while she’s communicating something to you, or even caressing her hair when you guys are together hanging out; these and many more looks normal but they all go a long way to sustaining good relationships.


In today’s technologically advanced age, the closest most of us come to ‘writing’ to our loved ones is via email, or chat and/or probably via text messaging. Writing a love note with pen and leaving on her mirror or windscreen isn’t common this days. Can you honestly remember the last time you wrote a handwritten note to make someone feel special? And yes, grocery lists don’t really count here. Spring a surprise by leaving a note under your partner’s pillow, in your kid’s lunchbox, on your father-in-law’s computer screen, … And if writing poetry/songs comes easily to you and you haven’t dedicated some to your loved ones yet, seriously, what are you waiting for? Make it an habit to making your relationship lively and romantic.


Actually, few things can match real love. The same is true for the love for food too. That’s why it would be a great idea to surprise a loved one with his/her favourite dish. Kitchen junkies will find this a piece of cake; kitchen newbies, however, arm yourself with a good recipe and some common sense. If it is hard for you to cook one, you can also achieve that by ordering some dish from a restaurant. That it had better be a classy restaurant kind of goes without saying!

  1. LISTEN: 

Have you ever paused to wonder why the two words ‘listen’ and ‘silent’ are both anagrams? In most relationships, especially over the course of time, we end up seeing some partners who do not pay attention to their loved ones, or probably worse, talking about their woes at the same time. Whether they’re in a spot or not, the best way to help someone is by just being there and listening to what they have to say even when we don’t feel like hearing what they’re saying. Sometimes, it may be inconvenient or discomforting -just when you returned back from work so tired after the day’s stress and you just needed a good shower and rest, you partner comes around and wanting to tell you about an incidence that happened in the course of his/her day; yes! it can be distressing but give a listening ear and pay attention at that point to him/her. Of course, not everyone can talk easily about what’s on their mind. In that case, it’s up to you to get your close ones to think aloud.


Most of us have come to expect gifts during festive occasions, our birthdays and probably anniversaries. Give nice gifts/presents to your loved ones when they least expect. You just wrap it nicely and slip it into his/her office/college bag. Needless to say, it doesn’t have to cost much or so great; just something small but engulfing. Try and put some thought into it though… You ask yourself – What does my partner really want and has been meaning to pick up for a while? And yes, personalize it with a little tag or card while you’re at it and you’ll see a notable and stable growth in your relationship!


‘Saying those magic words’ referred above doesn’t necessarily mean you saying “I love you” here which of course, saying that to our partner or loved one isn’t out of place; it is what we must verbally say and mean to our partner. But it also wouldn’t hurt to say these three magic words:

Thank you”, “Please” and “Sorry” when the situation calls arise.

We often times end up taking our loved ones for granted; these little magic words (don’t overuse them though; you’ll end up sounding superficial and far from sincere) will make their day.

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