Though all mothers are women, not all women are mothers. An ideal mother is known by her rare but selfless virtues which she depicts. She is a nurse, a teacher, an architect, a counselor, a guide and a home manager. Indeed, a true mother is the sunshine of her home, lightening all within her domain. She is a woman of substance, an epitome of wisdom, full of courage and strength, able to stand the test of time.

  1. A mother is one that is ready to spend sleepless nights to keep company with the sick child so she can speak words of comfort to soothe the child.
  2. A mother is a good dancer without music at very odd and critical time all to soothe the ailing child.
  3. A mother is a good composer of lullabies needed to rock a restless baby to sleep.
  4. A mother is ready to skip meals or go hungry just to ensure every member of the family has enough to eat.
  5. A mother’s love for her child is unconditional. Even if he seems like a never-do-well, she strives to make him live a godly, meaningful life through her relentless love and prayers.
  6. A mother learns from experience and counsels the child all through her lifetime to prevent the child from making the same mistakes she has made.
  7. A mother is ready to sacrifice her pleasure, freedom, comfort, and remain under the torture of a cruel husband all in a bid to preserve the future of the child from ruin.
  8. A mother understands the unspoken feelings of a child. She not only hears, she listens in-depth to understand in-depth.
  9. A mother keeps on forgiving and forgiving the wayward child, never tired of giving love, attention and other necessities just to ensure it is well with the child.
  10. A mother prays and prays believing God’s hands to shape the life of the child.

A mother disciplines so the child is not indulged and become useless in the future. She remembers the child needs the rod to live straight. As it is captured in the Holy Book (The Bible): “The rod and reproof gives wisdom but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame”.

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