Obviously, this is the first area of attention in mothering a child. The moment your baby is born, he requires clean up, comfort, sleep and food. Breastfeeding is the best and recommended method of feeding infants. All major infant health organisations recommend six months exclusive breastfeeding of infants.

As the child grows up, he needs to be fed with wholesome food that nourishes him and not just anything, which satisfies his hunger. In the busy world of today, fast food – snacks, noodles, eggs and carbonated drinks – is fast replacing wholesome family meals. As a mother, you should ensure your family diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nut, oil and fish. Another aspect of physical nourishment is in ensuring your home and environment is hygienic.

Good personal hygiene is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It shields the child from bacteria, viruses and illnesses that arise from poor personal habits. You should train your child to wash his hands, brush his teeth, bathe regularly (twice a day if the weather permits) and wear clean clothes, especially underwear. Do these things for him if he is an infant or a toddler. Physical cleanliness, aside protecting the child from poor health, boosts his self-esteem and confidence.

Maintaining a hygienic environment is also necessary for your child’s health and well-being. Clean up your surroundings regularly by sweeping your apartment and compound, mowing your lawn, disposing of your waste properly and washing your bathroom and toilet regularly. You should also net your windows to avoid mosquito bite. Clothing your child properly is an aspect of nurturing him. It is a sorry sight to see a child in “out-grown begging-to-be-released tatters” and the mother decked with the latest fashionable attires! It beats one’s imagination why a mother would exhibit such selfishness. A mother should always put the interest of her child before her own. You should cloth your child appropriately, not necessarily in the latest fashion but in clean, beautiful and nice clothes. This will enhance the child self-image.

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