One of the wisest things to do in life is to note the things that give on the greatest dividends and then commit one’s resources to develop them. Successful people take advantage of their strength and do all they can to build on it. Our Character is of the most important assets we can ever have. Everything rises and falls on this. While having such things are great talents, good education, great family background, high social connections and the likes can be considered as good advantages, yet, they will all become useless if one is lacking in good character.

This is why it is important to concentrate on working on and developing one’s character. You character defines your personality. It is what people see and know about you. It is the yardstick used in judging you. It is what determines if you will get married or not. Your character also affects how you do things and respond to people and situations around you. As a result, it can determine your success or failure and the progress you make in life. This is why I call on you to do something deliberate to cultivate a good character.

We live in a world that is seriously lacking in sound character. Many people seem not to care about having a good name and a good reputation. What seems to matter to them most is to have success wrongly seen as having wealth, power, position and other material gains. As a result, they set aside every sense of morality and credibility. It is the end and not the means that matters to them. This is why it is easy for them to tell lies, cheat, deceive, steal and even kill on their way to achieve their desired success.

You must be distinct; cherish your character and work hard to not only develop it but also to protect it. Work on those character traits that will improve your personality and enhance your relationship by trusting in God’s grace.

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