Earning your wife’s respect is very important in maintaining a healthy marriage. It will not only take time but also commitment, Patience, Communication and lots more. For you to gain a deeper level of respect from your wife you have to be a man of your word. Your word should be your bond and she has to know what its worth. Don’t be the men who say one thing and does another. Follow through on your promises to your wife; never renege many of them.
All you need do to make your husband’s love for you grow deeper by the day is Submit to his authority. This is your primary responsibility in making your marriage work. So why don’t you try submission before you give up on that marriage! As couple, you can lift each other up, stand by each other, encourage each other and pray for each other. Frequent nagging and complaining will only tear down your marriage. You can show agape love to each other. Be interested in the wellbeing of your partner, focus on your partner’s happiness and you will have deeper love and joy in your marriage.

Below are eight (8) admonitions to the husbands to love their wives:

  1. Love Her HeartEmotional Love

The word “Love” was used in the Holy books (the Bible) over 350 times –It denotes that the husband should use words to express his love for his wife. Women love soft, curdling romantic words. Using pet names like darling, honey, cutiepie,… etc, are little ways we can express our profound love to on partners (wives).

  1. Love Her MindIntellectual Love

Intellectual Love has to do with engaging your wife’s mind. Many men win the hand of their future wife by thoughtful, engaging conversation. Too many men fail to take this habit into marriage.

  1. Love Her bodyPhysical Love

By Physical Love, the husband strives to meet his wife’s physical needs. An able man who consistently chooses not to provide for the physical needs of his wife does not love her.

  1. Love Her SoulSpiritual Love

The man tends to be task-oriented. But often times he neglects one of his greatest responsibilities. He must always think of the spiritual good of his dependents. He must have family worship with his busy schedule. These actually, are expressions of Love.

  1. Love Her RelationshipsRelational Love

For couples with children, relational love may require a husband, protecting his wife from her “closest relatives.”

Be swift and firm to discipline children for disrespecting mom.

Resist contradicting her in front of the children.

Give her “time off” when necessary.

  1. Love Her HumanityRealistic Love

Be tender in your wife’s failures. She needs to know that you love her even if you are saddened by her sin. A loving husband sees his wife as God’s gift to him even if she is not perfect.

  1. Love Her CallingSupportive Love

If the wife’s greatest calling is to be submissive to her husband, a loving husband helps his wife to be submissive. Some wives never learn biblical submission because their husbands rarely set a positive example.

  1. Love Her MakerTheological Love

This means that the more you love God, the better equipped you will be to truly love your wife. Only as we come to terms with what that means will we be able to obey the Creator’s command – “Husband, love your wives and do not be bitter towards them.”

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