Life is literally composed of decision-making moments. There is always a cause to make a decision or cancel one. Everyone, from the toddler to the aged, makes decision. Sometimes, the decision borders on the kind of career you should pursue. At other times, it is the kind of accommodation you would like to take up, who to marry, what make of car to buy or the college/higher institution to attend. As a husband, you must have had cause to make decisions. It could be on the number of children you would like to have; whether to have your wife be a full-time housewife or get her gainfully employed on a job; whether you should have your parents live with you or keep them in the Old People’s Home; and whether to have a maid or steward. The point is that, you are always in the business of making decisions. We start making decisions early in life. Little children make decisions: they decide on what to do on certain occasions. At times, they run into difficulty and on such occasions, they go to their parents. They know their parents are wiser and their decisions are more dependable. Adults too are not left out. They also have the same difficulty. The tragedy is that very few adults are humble enough to concede their ignorance or difficulty. Few adults admit that they cannot make right decisions. It is however surprising to discover they act and make decisions like children. Which brings the question, how do children make decisions?

Little children go for whatever gives them temporary satisfaction, no matter how temporal the satisfaction may be. For instance, a child prefers to run into a hail just because the doors are temporarily closed but ultimately leads into the arms of angels. This is the common characteristic of children. It is not too different with adults. Many people follow the open door and just take decisions on temporal, transient promises. On some other occasions, it is the ‘majority carries the vote’ method. Some psychologists, interested in knowing how decisions are reached, conducted a survey covering many people from age 5 and above. Their scope covered how decisions in marriage, education, child upbringing and many other areas of life are made. The result was shocking. They discovered that with majority of people, the method by which decisions are made at 5years of age is the same way by which decisions are taken at either 12, 20, 30 or 50years of age. They realized that decisions made by adults, like those of children, are based on the following considerations:

  • Do I have feelings of temporary satisfaction?
  • Is there any door of circumstance open? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then I must forge ahead.
  • What do others advise me to do? Majority carries the vote!
  • If the object or project is attractive, I must have and keep it.
  • If friends and peer group do it, I must do it NOW.
  • I want to stem the fear of doing nothing, so I must do something.
  • If sudden impulse and immediate action is required and present satisfaction is promised, it’s alright.

Once you start taking personal decisions, you use the same system throughout your life except something happens. This shows that one cannot make a right decision on his own without God’s guidance. Old people do not even know how to make right decisions sometimes.

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