We parents, every morning, wake up and prepare our children for school; we provide them with all the learning materials they will need, put their lunch in their food case or in their bag and send them off for school. What happens afterwards (at school) is an aspect that we parents don’t consider. The stress at school for these little ones is a common phenomenon that they all faces. Who would imagine your little kids at school being soaked up with lots of pressure and we parents sometimes never give it much thoughts or even consider the stress our babies go through at school and how they cope with these stress. They have schoolwork to do, homework to carryout, extra classes to attend, tests and exams to go through all of these by themselves; actually, this can be a tedious for them and more also, it is capable of making them disinterested. in essence, as parents, we’ve got to set things right for our kid, so that they can live and lead a happier life thereafter.

We need to help our kids deal with school-related stress and motivate them to grow stronger both physically, mentally, socially, academically and even, spiritually. Here are some helpful guidelines which may help you give much motivation, encouragement and confidence to your little babies and help them achieve the best they are capable of.

1. Identifying the symptoms of their stress:
When you notice you kids are stressed out each time they return from school; we must just not associate it with the normal school tiredness. We must first and foremost, identify the symptoms in your child that indicate that she is under stress. What is that thing that gives her much discomfort? Some of the apparent signs and symptoms of being under stress are irritable behaviour, change in sleep and appetite, lack of concentration in studies and many more. We must identify these signals in our babies and find ways to help them deal with all that. They are so little and innocent that they may think to the point of consciously identifying the stress they go through and see way to reducing the stress; that is why we parent must help them. See way of minimizing the stress. How we can do that is by:

  • Creating time for our kids to have adequate rest after school.

  • Assisting them with their homework.

  • Asking questions about their activities in school?

All these will go a long way as to helping our kids to identify and deal with their school stress easily.

2. Talking to them about their worries:
Ascertain and talk to your child about his/her worries, tension and anxieties. As you relate with them, you will get to find out what the real problem is and the sources of their fears. Take a considerable amount of time to calm them down before she starts speaking. Always try to give them a listening ear and carefully assure them of your desire of helping them find the solutions to their fears. Make sure that you don’t talk to your child about stress in front of her colleagues, as that may make them shy or probably give them a difficulty of opening up to you. Find a place within your home or somewhere outside where your child can freely speak about her fears, worries and anxiety. All these helps to reduce the stress they go through at school.

3. Maintaining a welcoming decorum at home:
Find out what changes can be made at home to reduce stress from her children; situations that can cause anxiety should be minimize. Make time at the end of the day for the entire family to talk to each other about their day’s events and also involve your child in such conversations. Such conversation may make expose some of the source of their stress. Remember to maintain a congenial environment, as stress-free as possible, that will help your child conquer his/her anxiety, stress and tension.

4. Help your child attend to her homework
You must make sure that you children do their home work by themselves. You can only guide them. Assisting your children to finish their homework all the time will make them over-dependent. As she grows, they may not be able to cope with their studies at higher grades in the absence of their parent supervision. This in turn may make situations difficult and much more stressful for them. Therefore, make your children become self-dependent and capable of doing their homework themselves without always seeking support.

5. Inculcating in them a good time management skills:
Good time management skills can assist your child to deal with stress at school and particularly, the anxiety they experienced during school examination or while completing lengthy home assignments. Parent must therefore, prepare a flexible schedule that best suits their children learning style. Make sure that they can easily blend with timetable with less effort. Try as much as possible not to set strict rules for studying, because if your child is not able to cope with the set rules, she may get tensed and feel stressed, which in turn may not bring the desired intended results. In the end, remember that although it is impossible to avoid the challenges in school that may cause stress, you can always help your child to overcome them in ways that would give your children the foundation to solve future challenges and problems later in life.

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