I’ve always come to wonder how couples, after many years of being together in marriage begins to look alike with similar facial resemblances as if they were originally brothers and sisters.

It is commonly said that a man tends to marry his mother just as a woman tends to marry her father; It’s more likely for a man’s wife to share similar features with his mother as time progresses. It then brings to mind the question:

What then is responsible for the resemblance that exist between married couples?

  1.    Attractions

Stories have shown that, “we are attracted to people who looks like us.” This is what is referred to as assortative mating. It is a theory that suggest individuals with similar phenotype mating one another more frequently. This is how couples pass genes across to their generations (yet unborn).

  1.   Mirroring

Mirroring means to reflect or to resemble”. Couples in healthy and good relationships often mirror each other’s habit and body language. As they relate and blend with one another, they tend to change their own habits to fit into and to compliments their partner’s. The presence of established emotional comfort and trust in a meaningful relationship and their undying love for one another contributes to couple’s facial alikeness.

  1.   Shared Experiences

Throughout their lifetime together, couples experience different moments; moments of joy, pain, lack, discomfort, misunderstanding, hurts, etc. All these experiences of life they share together all sum up to shape their body language and align their emotional state.

  1.   Years Together

Even if a couple had no resemblance or facial similarities at all on their wedding day or early period of their marriage, studies shows that after some years, they later will surprisingly look alike. An American Psychologist in his survey, reports that the more marital happiness a couple enjoy, the greater their increased facial resemblance.

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