Children are gift from God to mankind; they are leaders of tomorrow; that is why we must not relent in our quest to training our children to be well-mannered, godly, courteous, and useful individuals in the society. What our children end-up becoming in life has a lot to do with the child’s upbringing, the parents impact and the instilled values in these children. Below are four (4) proven principles we must implement to groom our children into well-meaning individuals in the society.

1. Purpose
Many parents simply don’t want to accept their responsibility as parents. They expect others to raise their children for them: the government, school, church, babysitter, day-care centres, their friends, or relatives. Meanwhile, they pursue other things. Having a purpose as parents is very necessary; you must therefore set proper goals and come to the understanding that you are responsible for the proper care of your children.

2. Planning
To succeed in children training, you must first set workable goals after which, you then develop a plan for reaching your goals. Planning is required on how to give instruction to your children, the formal education of the children, when you want them to be godly and well brought up and how to deal with harmful influences.

3. Love
Don’t be overbearing on your children; Raise them in love. We be by loving our spouse and treating one another right. Then, we can in turn, extend the same love further to our children. Children need to be raised in an atmosphere of love and good will. Patterns of fusing and fighting among parents leads to insecurity and fear for the children and often times, these children end up imitating these disruptive behaviours in their own families when they finally get to marry. As much as possible, we must:

a.   Encourage our children
b.   Avoid belittling their childish mistakes
c.   Set our expectations within each child’s ability
d.   Express appreciation and reward their accomplishment and good behaviours.
e.   Make rules and exercise punishment for the good of the children.

4. Consistency
Be consistent with the above aforementioned principles. Be consistent in:

a.   Showing love to your children
b.   Meting out punishment and equally showing appreciation to them (where situation demands)
c.   Rewarding good behaviours of your children

As parent, be very sure that you are imparting the right virtue and proper training into your children and God in return, will crown and reward all your labour with fruits and success. Our children will grow up to become notable and useful great men and women who will transform the world better than we left it.

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