The person you became on your last day on earth will be the person you couldn’t become.

This is the reality of most people out there who dream big but never get to achieve their dreams. To become successful, you don’t need to add more things to your list; you just need to De-learn and Unlearn some of the negative programming you’ve got at the moment by giving-up this five (5) things if you truly want to become that person you were created to become;

  1. Give up the short-time MINDSET

Successful people setup long-term goals and they know the fact that success is mainly the result of short-time habits that they need to do every single day. Yes, they need to dream big but they achieve their results by chunking down to small simple habit. The unsuccessful has a very short-term MINDSET; everything they do is short term – they believe in get rich quick and also believe that there’s magic bullet that solves all their issues in just a click. Successful people realize that it is just the simple daily habits – the little things you do every single day, the micro increment that actually makes the biggest difference in the long term.

  1. Give-up playing SMALL

If you never try and actually grab the opportunities that is in front of you, you wouldn’t go any far. If you never just go out there and speak your own truth and do what you boldly want to do, taking full responsibility or ownership of the ship you’re sailing – becoming the captain and not the victim – that’s when your life truly changes. Give up on playing small. Dream big, play big! Treat your life like an Olympian – whatever it takes, push yourself and realize that winners who run though the finish line are the ones who’s gonna win.

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  1. Give up EXCUSES

Winners comes up with reasons why they can and losers comes up with reasons as regards what they can’t. Losers will always give excuses – a thousand and one reasons why they failed or can’t accomplish a task; It doesn’t matter! If you haven’t got money, find that money! If you lack money, get creative! Find that money. You’re never lacking resources; you’re only lacking resourcefulness. Become resourceful and give up your excuses.

  1. Give up your need to BE LIKED

If you’re forever trying to please everybody, you’re never going to become successful. Every great leader on this planet were willing to stand-up for their own truth – not their neighbour’s or friend’s. Not what your parent says but what you want to say. The people who get to like you are gonna begin to love you if only you give up the need to be liked and live/amplify with what you believe in.

  1. Give up TOXIC People

Spend time with people who are born winners; people who can’t take anything that’s average; Hang around with winners and you’ll become a winner.

You are the average of the five people you spend most of you time with.

In your social circle now, if people within the circle aren’t living your dream life, don’t expect to reach your dream life. Hang around with people who are beyond yourself by networking with successful people, reaching out to mentors and give up toxic people by replace them with people who are legit and born winners; Only then that you will become successful sooner or later in your life.

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