“A Leader is one who influences others to follow after him to a common cause or purpose and possesses the character which inspires their confidence.”


“All Leaders were managers on their way to Leadership; however, not all managers become Leaders.”

A person who has subordinates but no followers is referred to as a MANAGER with resources to be managed; A person with followers to be led is a LEADER.

True Leaders have strong value system; they are more concern with expressing themselves than with proving themselves. The essence of becoming a leader is knowing and becoming yourself; standing up for what your believe even if you have to stand alone.

What makes a True Leader?


Purpose is the original intent; a reason for the creation and existence of a thing. The fundamental key is discovering and capturing a sense of purpose for your life. Every true leader possess a clear, guiding vision; a sense of destiny and significance with a deep love for life that engenders Persistence and Perseverance even amidst setbacks and failures.


Passion is the deep controlling desire that makes a Leader’s commitment to the guiding purpose; it provides the fuel for Perseverance, Persistence and Passion.


Integrity involves self-knowledge, candor and maturity. A steadfast devotion to principles and fundamental soundness, wholeness and a strong spiritual commitment in life.


Trust is the product of TIME and INTEGRITY. Trust must be earned and given by the followers to a Leader. Leaders are Individuals whose Character have been tested, proven and established as being Faithful and Trustworthy. Effective Leaders earn the Trust and Confidence of others (followers).

Trustworthiness is a product of Character (Who you are) and Competence (What you can do); a foundation of Trust.

5.  CURIOSITY (Daring)

To a Leader, life is an adventure; Leaders are individuals willing to challenge traditions, experiment and explore new ideas. He doesn’t worry about failure, with a strong mind that he will learn from it. He is never worried about failure but rather worried about the chances he misses when he doesn’t try.

Leaders are individuals who have declared independence from the expectation of others; 


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