God has put inside every person the potential to be passionate. One individual with passion is greater than the passive force of ninety-nine who only have interest. Too many people have only intrigue with their destiny. A quote from the holy Book says “Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”. Everyone loves something. We are shaped and motivated by what we love – it is our passion. If you ignore what you are passionate about, you ignore a part of the potential that God put inside of you.

Stop and think about what grabs your attention, stirs your passion, rouses anger, unleashes strong words, and causes definitive action from you. Nothing significant was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Mark zukerberg is an example of a passionate man; he followed his dreams with all his might till he achieved it. Most winners are ex-losers who got passionate. When you add passion/emotion to belief, it will become conviction. And there is a tremendous difference between belief and a conviction. Driven by passionate conviction, you can do anything you want with your life except give up on something you care about. A renowned motivational speaker, Mike Murdoch said: “what generates passion and zeal in you is a clue to revealing your destiny. What you love is a clue to something you contain”. Fulfilling God’s plan is a passionate idea or it is nothing. Henrl Frederlc Amell said: “Without passion man is a mere latent force and a possibility like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark”. Tim Redmond said: “there are many things that will catch my eye, but there are only a very few that catch my heart… it is those I consider to pursue”. The above quotes should trigger every reader of this article in finding their passion or start achieving their passion because the worst bankruptcy in the world is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. You must first be a believer if you would be an achiever.

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