As we all come closer to the close of the year, it becomes of necessity to weigh all of our strategies we proposed at the beginning of the year and considers these questions below for any profitable result and intended memorable advancement you so desire out of life at the close of the year.

1.  Were there specific goals you set for yourself this year? What are you doing to achieve these goals?
2.  What is that thing you spend your time most on? And if you could spend an hour doing something, what could it be?
3.  What scares you most in the future?
4.  What does succeeding means to you?
5.  What would make you totally content right now?
6.  What lessons has failures in life taught you?
7.  Between your Dad and Mum, whom are you closer to and had the greatest influence in you?
8.  Do you ever feel most alone? How do you manage it?
9.  What was your most memorable day?
10.  What motivates you to do anything?
11.  If you could travel back in time, what would you like to correct or do differently in your life right now?

Are there other questions you think is of necessity, please leave me a comment below…

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