Did you just get engaged? or you just proposed to a beautiful Lady (who said “Yes” to you)?

Congratulations! It’s such an euphoric experience, so beautiful! Of course, you’ll come to the stage where you’ll walk down the aisle with this awesome partner; that fantastic moment we refer to as – The Wedding day. Planning towards a successful wedding begins with a well-designed planning process.

Wedding planning can be such an enormous task especially when you intend the wedding to happen in six (6) months or less; It’s only easier only when it’s broken down in bits – sequence of executable steps that would help make your planning more manageable. Planning is everything! A well-designed wedding plan can make the whole process as stress-free as possible. Below are a few steps that will guide you into achieving your desired wedding in such a short time.


When you have a wedding planner on board, you can reasonably outsource the stress. When you have a good wedding planner that’s on same page with you, you can be sure that you’ve got nothing to worry about; they’ll get you better deals from vendors like florists and caterers once they’re on board. Yes! we know that they don’t come cheap, but they will help you stick to your budget and make you spend your cash judiciously.


An important aspect which is almost always a top priority when it comes to planning your wedding is the Venue. It is what sets a wedding apart and what makes it special. When talking about the Venue of the wedding, these three factors must be considered:

  • Booking: Considering the increase Wedding Ceremonies that usually take place these days, with over 50 – 100 weddings ceremonies being celebrated on the same day, you may come across competition in quest for a good wedding venue. For that reason, it is advisable to stay secure the venue at least six months to the wedding date and follow it up by keeping in-touch with the vendors until the wedding month.

  • Setting: The SETTING of the venue is dependent on your budget; you can either create an entirely new setting (to your taste) or go for an already pre-set venue that matches you taste – where all you have to merely think about are the flowers and refreshment (food and soft drinks).

  • Decoration Once the venue is successfully sorted out, the DECORATION process is to commence (especially where it is an entirely new setting). Since the wedding day is all about the bride and not so much about the man standing next to her in the pictures — the wedding planners often design the decoration to show off the bride’s beauty (complexion-wise) in the most flattering light.


If you’re looking for a custom-made outfit for your functions, you’ll need to prepare ahead, four months to the wedding month; but if you’re picking something off the shelf, then two months before the wedding will also work. For whatever plan or alteration in the choice of your wedding attire you intend making (in style or colour), the delivery must be completed at least 22 days to the wedding. Your choice of outfit will surely depend on the timing of the ceremony: lighter colours for the day and brighter ones for night; I would be smart to pick an ensemble that’s simple to put on and doesn’t involve elaborate drapes.


Your make-up has a lot to do with your wedding success. Everybody would want to see you in your best glowing radiant mood. You must work hand-in-hand with your makeup stylist and making sure you know what she can do and you’re comfortable with her style. The most common challenge that make-up artists face is being asked to make the brides look fairer. Sounds ridiculous, right? But if your demands are more reasonable, these artists can work magic.


Wedding invitation is another aspect of your wedding plan you must consider carefully. You must know how to utilize the various available platforms to your advantage. Invitations can be made in various forms like: Social Media, Hard Printed Invitation Card, Bulk SMS, Soft Invitation Card (you can send via emails), etc. A well organised Invitation will create awareness among all your friends and family and enable them participate in the preparations, no matter where in the world they are. Of course, the Invitation will be designed differently, bearing the categories of participants you’re inviting – the elites, prominent dignitaries, colleagues, classmates, families, friends and well-wishers.


While most caterers are booked months in advance, some can also fit you in three days before the wedding — it all depends on the broad nature of things you’re planning for. While you’re making up your mind, drop in at as many weddings as you can to pick a menu and a service you like. Most caterers are happy to do samplings. Wedding cakes are a hot trend right now. A cupcake tower or a five-tier cake with the couple’s favourite flavours provides a pretty centerpiece and more photo-ops!


Even if you’re no particularly vain, there’s something about the prospect of being in hundreds of photographs that will arouse the dormant diva in you. So it’s perfectly all right to care excessively about your appearance at your wedding. At the gym, get your instructor to give you private sessions for at least three months, so that you can get your metabolism revved up. Little changes in your diet will also ensure you’re glowing. Giving up on some kind of food like wheat or going gluten-free when you’re coming close to the wedding may be a great idea to keep the skin from breaking out. It’s advisable to take on food that will prevent you skin from bloating and keeps it clear; avoid refined oil in your food, and switch to cold pressed oils, ghee and butter — all-natural sources of good fats. Doing all these will create beautiful changes in your skin within a week and even in your hair, within a few months.


Most brides today want two kinds of albums: one, the traditional kind with staged shots, ready for their silver frames, and two, a collection of beautiful moments that capture the happy chaos of the special day. For this reason, most weddings have at least two kinds of photographers, so that, no part of the beautiful scene will be left out! When you are making use of two photographers, you must get them inform that they will have to work in tandem; this way, no of them would get in the way of the other.

Are there steps I missed that you know are very important part of the Wedding Planning process, please comment below…

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