Somebody said:

A woman is like a rose, if you treat her well, she will bloom; otherwise, she will wither.

True as these words are, many men, even the married ones don’t know how to treat women. Often times, the society is quick to blame women for the waning joy in the home, but there are many things men should know about women, including their wives.

  Study to know your wife

Knowing your wife is key to “dwelling with her with knowledge,” and this can only happen when you take time to study her. As the husband, you need to understand that your wife is unique and incomparable to other women, even your mother. Study her mood (mental or emotional state) especially during times like PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), pregnancy periods, pre-menopause and menopause periods. Different hormonal changes take place in a woman from puberty to menopause, which make her very complicated. There could be some specific changes in her mood or behaviour during her monthly cycle (ovulation to menstruation) due to some hormonal changes.

Also understand that a women could turn moody if something is bothering her. Other causes of moodiness in a woman could be stress, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, etc. It is established that females often swing moods than males. Therefore, you are expected at such times to show your wife affection and understanding. Don’t ignore her but communicate with her because she could develop all ill feeling toward you and gradually withdraw her love for you. Learn to apologize to her when you realize you’ve said or done something to hurt her and correct her in love when she does something wrong. When you relate with her this way, you’ll regain her confidence in you.

Know her nature as a weaker vessel. Know her taste and values – what she likes and appreciates. Study her disposition, that is, her attitude and reactions to changes and circumstances. The woman is referred to as the weaker vessel by reason of her fragile nature, both physically and emotionally. She could easily be wounded in the heart, hence, do not trample on her emotions. Love and be generous to her and know how she feels. A woman craves for attention. Don’t make her feel neglected or unwanted. Be altruistic and loving. When you shower love and affection on her, she will automatically love and respect you in return. Also take time to study her strengths and weakness, appreciating her strengths and helping her work on her weaknesses. By so doing, you’ll bring out the best of her character. Besides, understand her need for companionship. You could help her sometimes with domestic chores even without her asking. It could mean a lot to her. Help with the kids even if all you can do is just show that you care about them. By studying and knowing her, you will win her heart and affection back.

Show You Truly Love your Wife

It is not enough to profess love for your wife. You must show it by your actions. Let your love be demonstrated in practical ways, such that she will feel and appreciate it. Love like a river flows from the top (husband) down to meet the wife, as she submits. Women need love; they are at their best when you truly, practically demonstrate love to them. And if there is any group that reciprocates love, it is women. So, make your wife feel loved. Give her the attention she deserves, and never treat her as if she’s a burden to you. May God help you to bring out the best in your wife!

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