In many cultures, it is customary to think of marriage as joining two families to one. The husband represents his family of origin, the wife represents hers and together all their relatives become one big happy family. As common as this mentality may be in many places, it is incorrect. Because marriage does not combine two families into one, but rather creates a third family. When a husband and wife come together, they form a distinct, separate, complete and individual family unit that is independent of their respective families of origin. In other words, when a man and a woman come together in wedlock from two separate families they form a third family separate from the other two families. The family really emphasizes on the man because he will be the head of the new family and decision-making unit established by this marriage. A quick way to conflict in marriage is when a husband has to compete with his wife’s parents for priority of relationship. The same is true for a wife whose husband has trouble cutting ties. Therefore, leaving home is a fundamental principle of marriage. Although the main thought is that of leaving home, there is more to the idea than just physical departure.

After marriage, the man and his wife leave their families of origin not just physically, but also mentally, financially and emotionally. This does not mean they must sever all future connections with their families, but that their families should not play any significant role in decisions they make as a couple in their home. Leaving in marriage means a married couple is neither burdened by nor a burden to their parents. The word leave implies that the family of origin may or may not want them to go. Many parents struggle with this very thing, finding it very hard to let go of their children and live their own lives as independent adults. Many young people don’t leave home till they get their parents’ consent. Although it’s not a requirement, there’s not absolutely nothing wrong with it because leaving home with your parents’ blessings is always a nice feeling, but it’s also okay to leave without it.

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