… that Water acts as a remedy for deadly diseases.

  1. Water works in the body as a resistance to diseases, body awareness and increases energy. Human beings are warm-blooded and react very sensitively to changes in temperature. These reactions activate all the important body systems, stabilize the body and increase the use of oxygen in the cells. Warm water dilates blood vessels, improving blood circulation which improves the flow of oxygen to the brain and quicken the elimination of toxins. Hydrotherapy will achieve not only a well balanced body but also a healthy alert mind.
  2. Water has been proven to be one of the most important substances on earth because humans can go without food for 30 days or longer, but can only live a few days without water. The human system becomes dehydrated within days of no water and leads to death eventually.
  3. The body of an adult consists of about 60% water. Water is a part of our every cell in the body. Children above 5years of age may have about 70% of water, and children under 5years of age may have 75% water. Children need to drink even more water than adults compared to their body size to help their cells become stronger against diseases.
  4. The kidney filters about 1,600 liters of blood every day (400 gallons), yet only about one and half liters of urine is voided in a day. One half of a liter (2 glassful of water) is lost in a day through breath, and about the same amount (or much more in hot climates) is lost through invisible or visible perspiration. Through the bowels about one third of a liter (half a glass) is lost in the stool. So the average loss of water in a day from an adult’s body is about two and half liters or more (10 glasses or more) in 24hours.
  5. Lack of sufficient water intake in the body leads to constipation. Insufficient water makes the stool strong and hard to come through the anus thereby leading to constipation. But with regular and sufficient water intake it can be avoided.
  6. The best habit to get into is to drink water (2glasses at least) when you get out of bed in the morning. The balance of the body’s daily need for water should ideally be taken into the body half hour before meals, or two and half hours after meals. This practice will encourage better digestion. To drink a lot of fluids at meal time is not good physiologically and slow down food digestion.
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