According to research, one-quarter of the food produced globally goes unconsumed? Most of it is often wasted in landfills and rubbish bins, yet food is the one product that everyone consumes, and while a surprising number of people go hungry because they don’t have food to eat but those that do are shockingly wasteful.

            It takes a very large land mass to grow the food that is ultimately never eaten. Each year, land is being deforested, species are being driven to extinction, indigenous populations are being moved, soil is being degraded – all to produce food that we end up just throwing away. These are not good for the environment.

           When food waste goes to landfill, which is where the vast majority of it ends up, it decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane, which is 23 times more deadly than carbon dioxide. Thus, food waste is a major problem affecting our planet.

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