There are many reasons why it is important for young married couples to leave home physically and emotionally. One of these reasons which is the most important is to give them the opportunity from the very beginning of their marriage to cultivate companionship with each other. Companionship is the basis for all successful marriage. The relationship between a child/parent is established by birth or adoption, but the relationship between a husband/wife is established and bonded by covenant, and there’s a difference. Because marriage is a covenant, it supersedes blood ties. Blood may be thicker than water but is not thicker nor stronger than promise. In marriage, your spouse is more important than any other person. You should give deference to each other ahead of parents, siblings or any other ties of blood or family. The opinions, desires or demands of family members should no longer hold sway. Spouses must take time to be alone together, to know each other not only as spouses and lovers but also as friends and lifelong companions and also give each other first place in their hearts.

Companionship in marriage is more important than circumstances of blood or birth. Much like any other worthwhile endeavour, building companionship requires patience, time and hard work. Companionship must be cultivated and nurtured with the same degree of care. One problem that troubles many marriages is the well-intentioned but inappropriate interference of family members into the daily affairs of the couple’s life. After getting married, the only thing a couple should receive from their parents is advice and counsel, and that’s when they ask for it. Parents should not offer opinions or advise without being asked. Because doing so undermines the development of the leadership and self-determination of the couple. After marriage, the leadership and decision-making

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