It is commonly reported among the Athenians that: “The Explanation for Failure is Excuse.

One of the easiest things to do in life is to make excuses for not doing what we are supposed to do. Excuses is common among lazy people because they like doing what is seemingly easy and making excuses is one. Look for a man who has failed and ask him why he failed or why he didn’t achieve any feat in life and he’ll give you an excuse – a thousand reasons why he didn’t succeed.

We make excuses for situations we don’t want to be in, things we actually did wrong, times we failed, things we are supposed to do but we don’t want to do. How many times have you told someone “I forgot” when in reality you just didn’t want to do what was asked of you? or “I was busy” when actually, you had to opportunity to make something happen. Making excuses isn’t a good culture and it’s particularly dangerous.

Check out all the notable men in the Holy books (the Bible) that were considered great:

  • Zaccheus (a short man) climbing the tree: He never used “Height”
  • David (a young man) killing Goliath: He never used “Age”
  • Joseph (an illegal immigrant) becoming the Prime Minister: He never used “Status”
  • The Woman with an issue of blood that touched the hem of Jesus garment (with her last strength): She never used “Weakness”
  • The Poor Widow who dropped her last mite: She never used “Poverty”
  • Daniel who was thrown into the Lion’s den: He never used “Death”
  • Job who after much trials, endured until the end that he was double-blessed: He never used “Challenges”

Go to the beginning when Adam and Eve sinned against God in the garden of Eden, and God appeared unto to them, asking why they ran into hiding and whether they’ve eaten the fruit he forbade them not to eat. Instead of Adam and Eve taking responsibilities for the wrong choices they made and make their way right – seeking for forgiveness from God, they plunged into what I call –  the blame-game. They began making flimsy excuses and looking for who to hold responsible for their mistakes. That’s the world we are in, today.

More harm have been done by weak people than by strong people. Most of the problems in the world today has been caused by the weakness of good and not by the strength of evil.

Realistically, the worst part of making excuses is not about the opportunities you did miss, or the money you end up losing, or the relationship you destroyed, or the broken dreams you’ll never get to fulfill or the even the guilt that engulf you afterwards for lying to yourself. It’s about you eventually start believe in the lies, yourself.

Don’t live a life  of any regrets that come from excuses. It doesn’t pay! Don’t believe the lies! Rather, Choose to be free and you’ll discover you will live better afterwards! 

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2 Thoughts to “Common “Acceptable” Excuses that kill Dreams”

  1. I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend 🙂
    dani jensen faye

    1. Smiles… Manythanks, Dani Jenson. So sorry that you felt that way; I so appreciate your encouragement! I promise you’ll never get boring anymore.

      Warm Regards and Hoping to see you around.

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