Children exhibit different character traits at various stages of their development. Research has shown that preteens tend to be keener to emulate their parents and are more receptive to instructions and guidance. In their adolescent age, however, they naturally want to show resistance. They become less submissive to their parents. They are inclined towards being independent of their parents. They may want to experiment with diverse lifestyles. They are influenced by different factors including the world system, peer group, school, biological transformation, demonic powers and society at large. Though many parents seem almost unaware of it, a battle is raging today to win the allegiance of our children.

To assume, therefore, that the devil doesn’t fight against children is to shy away from reality. In fact, the devil understands that children are the hope of the future. Thus, he marshals his agents against them right from birth whenever he notices they have potentials to cause havoc in his kingdom. And if he succeeds in taking charge of the lives of children of any age, he has succeeded in capturing a whole generation.

You need to understand that every child has a destiny to fulfill and as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your children’s destiny is not aborted. As parents, you shouldn’t always take every occurrence in your child’s life to be natural.

Children can be afflicted by evil forces to cut their lives short and prevent them from attaining their ultimate height in life. Be sensitive to understand when evil powers are responsible for certain occurrences in the lives your children so that you can resist them. Children are faced with numerous negative influences from the world’s system. Nowadays, the social media is flooded with unsolicited corrupting advertisements, displaying sexual appealing activities, images, and pictures on TV shows, magazines and music videos. Sensitive parts of the human body are being revealed, and misleading fashions are often displayed in movies, mobile phones, tablets and other similar platforms.

Some children have grown aggressive and violent because of such negative influences. Even though some of these movies are stage-managed and unrealistic, children are often deceived to think that such are the realities of life, and would want to emulate such lifestyles. This is the reason some teenagers now desire plastic surgery to change their body image and shape in conformity with an admired celebrity. Besides, many children are being controlled by peer pressure and the desire to fit in school and the society at large. It may also surprise you to know that worry is not an exclusive emotion of adults. Children also worry, and this makes them vulnerable. What they worry about is often associated with their age and developmental stage, which is why you must be well informed about their various stages of development and accompanying peculiar challenges.

Children in their preteen (9-12) and below usually worry about how to cope with friends, their changing bodies, tests, grades, among other areas of their lives. Some are even worried about being teased, excluded and bullied. And now that the world has become a global village that they can easily access news, some preteens can be worried about threatening global events like terrorism, natural disasters, pollution and war.

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