We are all wonderful creatures of God, made in the likeness of God; Unique, Special and Different. In fact, some puts it this way:

“There’s a spark of divinity in every one of us.”

Women are one wonderful beings God ever made. They were made unique with varied peculiarities. A woman generally wants to be understood. When she is not understood (by her husband), she becomes uncomfortable and unhappy.

A woman begins to feels neglected and empty if her husband does not give her attention. She becomes demanding and critical when her need for love and affection is not met. This situation is ironical. The wife, in the right prospective, needs to be understanding than demanding. Women are taught to ‘be in subjection to their husbands’. Therefore, the love that must exist between husband and wife is far more than smiling and grinning; it includes:

1. Patience with your husband,

2. Sufficient Tolerance with his shortcomings,

3. Meeting his needs in every way possible and

4. Avoiding criticisms at home.

A good wife is known by her discrete relationship with her parents and in-laws. You should therefore stop dependence on your own parents and discountenance all criticism of your in-laws. Your husband may sometimes show resentment against your own parents but your attitude should be a meek and quiet one.

As much as possible, do not sputter domestic problems at your husband as soon he comes in; you should not tell him news which will upset him while he is just arriving home tired. Reserve every unpleasant news till he has had meal. Give praise and show appreciation for his effort hitherto before saying whatever you want to say. Be courteous, careful and compassionate when telling him what you have to say. As a wife, you need a radical change. If you really want to be loved, you must make yourself lovable. Learn the real meaning of love. Do not let a day go by without showing love to your husband. Rejoice, be patient and tolerate all his problems. DO NOT criticize, complain, condemn nor attempt to control him.

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