Despite the foregoing challenges, God has mandated you as a parent to be in charge as His representative in the lives of your children. Therefore to take charge of your children’s lives, you need to consider the following things:

  1. Be available and sensitive to discover any abnormal trait and wrong notions in your children.
  2. Ask questions when necessary or in doubt.
  3. Teach and instill life’s virtues in them.
  4. Be an example to them in lifestyle.
  5. Show them undivided love and attention.
  6. Rebuke and restrain them from harmful behaviors and activities.
  7. Establish and teach them to be morally sound.
  8. Remember to always pray for them.

Nothing that has been mentioned above can be effective enough without bending your knees in prayers for your children. Learn to settle every matter about your children’s lives on your knees with God. Never leave anything to chance. Take God by His word, He will always answer when you pray.

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