“Marriage is like a fine wine, if tended properly, it just gets better with age.”

MARRIAGE is all about teamwork; it requires a couple working together to achieve the essence of the union. Marriage is about compromise, love, togetherness and oneness.

James C. Dobson had the marriage union well figured-out when he said:

“Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the person you think you can’t live without.”

Every marriage has its own challenges and as couples, we must consciously work at surmounting the challenges that comes with marriage and make it work for us. It’s in the little effort each partner makes or the little things each does for the other every day that foster good marital relationship. The following are the little things that make the marriage relationship work.

  1. Consideration

Husband and wife should be considerate of each other’s feelings, needs and sensibilities. Don’t do to your spouse what you consider offensive.

  1. Concern

One of the most dangerous signs in a marriage is when a spouse stops showing concern for the other. As a wife or husband, you must always show concern for the needs and wellbeing of your partner.

  1. Communication

Communication between the partners is the life blood of any relationship. Nothing must hinder the free flow of communication between the couple.

  1. Courtesy

As a couple, you must be very courteous when talking to each other. Refrain from being rude, offensive, or disrespectful to each other.

  1. Availability

You must make yourself available for your spouse as much as possible. Availability entails having listening ears, being a shoulder to cry on, sharing laughter, having mealtimes together, etc. These foster friendship in marriage.

  1. Compliment

Don’t see all that your spouse does for you as normal, his responsibility or your right. Compliment him even for the little effort he puts in what he does.

  1. Gifts

You should learn to give gifts to each other. When you see anything your partner likes while you are shopping, buy it for him/her if it’s within your means. Always surprise your spouse when he least expects it.

  1. Contact

Never lose contact with your partner; never fail to communicate with him. Always stay in touch with him no matter how busy you may be. Make out time even when your job is very demanding, to give him a quick call, send him an SMS, or have lunch with him if your office is close to his or your house is by the corner.

  1. Assistance

Assist your wife at home. No woman is superhuman. She couldn’t be left to do all the domestic chores. Surprise her occasionally by helping out with some chores.

  1. Prayer

Pray together and pray individually for each other’s specific needs.

  1. Respect

Remember that respect is reciprocal. Respect each other and let the respect flow to your in-law as well.

  1. Income

Contribute to the family income. It is a known fact that God has made the husband to be the breadwinner of the family, but the wife should support him in this role by contributing her little quota to the family income. When you do this as the wife, you will reduce the burden of your husband, especially at this time of global economy recession.

  1. Protection

The husband is to protect his wife against physical and emotional assaults from outside. The wife should do likewise.

  1. Apology

Learn to apologize to your spouse when you offend him. Always say, “I’m sorry,” and truly mean it.

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