By promoting foreign culture at the detriment of positive African culture and value system.

To be well cultured is taken to be akin to “to be western”. To be African is as considered being local and uncivilized.

By portraying Western attire as more civilized than African attire.

American dresses, Asia attire, European apparels etc. will wipe out the African identity.

By using foreign languages and music in social and religious functions without considering the use of African indigenous languages and music.

By patterning African education/scholarship after foreign paradigms and disdaining African indigenous knowledge.

This is akin to prescribing foreign remedies for African problems which will not always work.

By opening our borders to the unguided infiltration of foreign products while neglecting products of local industries who suffer lack of funding and investment.

By still blaming the colonial masters of being responsible for their underdevelopment, while they have ample opportunity to take their destinies in their hands.

By ignoring to strengthen themselves in areas of their economic advantages and competitive strength while delving into the ever growing trends of globalization.

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