Love they say, is beautiful. The whole world graced the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle days ago, whose memory will be remember for decades to come. But seven (7) things we learn from the royal wedding are:

1. Chance Happens.

The race of life is not to the swift and most beautiful. Of course, there were lots of beautiful women that came across Harry being that he came from a royal home, yet! he did not marry any one of them. Love found a way.

Time and chance still exists.

2. Favour erases.

On the day of your favour, your perceived disadvantages or limitations would be irrelevant. She was divorced and even a bi-racial American yet Favour cancelled every limitations.

May you be Favoured. Everything that can be excuses are erased by Favour

3. Class and Dignity

Class and Dignity is not by exposure. Did you see her wedding dress? It was one of the most commended and commented part of the wedding. She was totally covered. When you have class you don’t need to expose your body Royalty means Dignity.

4. Natural wins.

There were no make up and artificial do’s. Yet she was so stunning and beautiful. What God made of you is beautiful; never you water it down. If God felt you needed it, He would have given it to you. God ever able to provide our needs.

5. Past is past.

She was divorced yet she met her prince. If she had closed her life by focusing on her failures she wouldn’t have had an opening to this glorious and wonderful future she has now. Things happen! Mistakes arise! But learn lessons from the past and let go of any things that may want to deprive you achieving your set goal. In the long run, you will embrace that glorious future you’ve always dreamt of.

6. Friends matter.

She never knew the prince but they had mutual friends who recommended her to the prince. Two things. Can your friends recommend you sincerely to the king and boast that you are a great person and two what manner of friends are you keeping. May you keep great friends

7. Grace found Meghan.

Surely she emerged only because grace found her out.

May grace find you so that like the Sun the whole world would look at your rising.

Source: Anonymous.

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