If you want an essential ability to help you become more resilent, work on your habit of genuinely listening to other people. Below are six (6) situations where active listening is a particularly smart way to go:

  1. When you’re a Leader

Listening is a core competency of leadership. To grow as a leader, you practice the discipline of letting other talk before you do. When your team member speaks, show that you’re listening by nodding or restarting the speaker’s point. Also find ways to let them know that you care about what they think even though you may not always agree.

  1. When you’re in the middle

You know it would be a mistake to take sides between two warring parties but it can be a challenge to take sides but it can be a challenge to participate in meetings without seeming to align with one faction or another. The best way is to consistently present yourself as an open minded listener and also let everybody know that you’re always willing to be fair and hear what others wants to communicate.

  1. When starting something new

If you’re joining a different team or meeting new people, often make a better approach and demonstrate your strength by asking questions and paying close attentions to the answers.

  1. When you’re trying to make your case

When in a debate mode, during a meeting, try ignoring others comment and obsess about the point they want to get across because it’s more effective to understand other’s goals and concerns so well that we can frame our suggestions with a minimum conflict. Collaboration is a vital career skill and it starts with appreciating the view point of others.

  1. When they’re hard to get along with

When you start thinking of people as difficult, you may really stop hearing them because as they speak, you feel defensive and start working on your rebuttals. At some levels, when ignoring them, their obnoxious behavior gets worse. You can often defuse a tense situation by putting aside your resistance and concentrating on what is being said.

  1. When you want to look confident

When people feel insecure, they may chatter about nothing, brag too much, or insist their opinions are correct despite the weight of the evidence. Genuine confident people are never afraid to stay quiet and that is because they already know what they think and now want to know what you think. To be self assured, look for opportunities to shine the spotlight on others. You can ask questions and be respectful of the answers.

Listening is a powerful strategy. It can help anyone understand what’s happening, show that you care and contribute to the growth of a supportive community.

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